You are currently viewing Urannah Project creating a steady stream of supply chain procurement opportunities.

Urannah Project creating a steady stream of supply chain procurement opportunities.

The Urannah Project will create approximately 1200 construction jobs and 650 ongoing jobs with the potential to unlock more than 70 local projects.

The Urannah Project is being delivered by Bowen River Utilities. The project includes the Urannah Water Scheme, Bowen Renewable Energy Hub and the Collinsville Irrigation Scheme.

In a statement released last year, Bowen River Utilities CEO James Benjamin said locals in the Greater Whitsunday Region want jobs, water security, more affordable energy, and a diversified economy.

“Our nation building projects will create thousands of jobs, deliver much needed water security, provide affordable and reliable energy and diversify the local economy”, CEO James Benjamin said.

“We have been overwhelmed with support from the local community and local business”

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The Urannah Dam comprises of a water distribution network including connecting water pipelines and instream distribution and storage of water, an irrigation precinct, and a pumped hydro-electric power scheme.

The water distribution network includes in-stream distribution in the Bowen and Broken Rivers to the Bowen River Weir, a new 66km pipeline north to the Peter Faust Dam, a new 17km pipeline southeast to the Eungella Dam and a 150km pipeline south to Moranbah.

The Collinsville Irrigation Scheme is a master planned irrigation precinct for agriculture use of up to 20,000 hectares and the Bowen Renewable Energy Hub is the largest renewable baseload energy project in North Australia. The pumped hydro-electric plant has a storage capacity of 8 hours, and is co-located with solar, wind and a hydro electrolyser to support export scale hydrogen production.

At least 30 active projects and 71 new local projects currently in need of water will become viable with the help of the projects being delivered by Bowen River Utilities.

Key features:    

  • dam – a gravity fed dam on the Broken River with water storage capacity of up to 970,000 megalitres
  • water distribution network from the proposed dam north to the Peter Faust Dam and on to Bowen and Abbot Point, south to Eungella Dam and Moranbah – including water pipelines and instream distribution and storage of water with associated ancillary works, such as pump stations and power supply infrastructure
  • irrigation precinct – an irrigated agricultural development area of up to 25,000 hectares (ha), which includes 9850 ha of suitable high value cropping farm development and 12,250 ha of improved grazing and associated in-stream and off-stream storages, trunk delivery works and on-farm infrastructure
  • pumped hydro-electric power storage and power generation infrastructure – power generation infrastructure producing 1.4 GW+ electricity supply and approximately 8 GWhr+ pumped storage capacity, incorporating power stations (surface and underground), dams and reservoirs, waterways and power transmission infrastructure
  • ancillary works and infrastructure – for example, quarries and borrows, road and access development and upgrades, site establishment areas, laydowns, site amenities and accommodation, services and utilities (including electricity, telecommunications).
 INFRASTRUCTURE: The Urannah Water Scheme is part of the Urannah Project.

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