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Conference expands into $12bn renewable energy event across New South Wales.

Due to strong interest from major renewable energy projects and the resource and construction supply chain across NSW, the Connecting Hunter Industry Conference has expanded and transformed into the Connecting Renewable Energy Conference NSW.

Conference organiser, Connecting Industry managing director Kieran Moran said, due to the format of the conference and strong interest from the NSW renewable energy sector, Connecting Industry decided to focus on renewable energy projects only, expand the conference footprint, and include more presenting projects.

“Originally the conference focus was based on projects within the Hunter region of NSW however, we’ve now expanded the conference to include more up and coming major renewable projects across the state,” said Mr Moran.

“The strategic focus of the online conference is the same where it will highlight renewable, resource, and construction procurement opportunities available to the supply chain and assist them in their planning for future work opportunities.

“However, where before the Hunter conference was promoting seven projects with more than $8bn of procurement opportunities available to the supply chain, the Connecting Renewable Energy Conference NSW will promote more than ten major renewable projects with approximately $12bn of procurement opportunities.”

Mr Moran added the conference date has also changed from August 4 to October 27, 2022.

Energy Estate Director of Energy Growth Simone O’Sullivan said as the developer of the Hunter Hydrogen Network (H2N), the company is excited to be taking part in the Connecting Renewable Energy Conference NSW.

“H2N is a commercial scale hydrogen production and transportation project which will form the backbone of the hydrogen economy in the Hunter Valley,” Ms O’Sullivan said.

“H2N will reinforce the Hunter’s role as a leading domestic supplier and export of energy and underpinning its future as a renewable energy industrial precinct of global scale.”

Delivered via live video virtual streaming, Mr Moran added the event is facilitated by a dedicated conference platform allowing all delegates to connect, engage, network, and have live face to face meetings with presenting project speakers and all attendees.

For more information and to view all of the projects presenting at the Connecting Renewable Energy Conference NSW, connect here now.

Projects presenting (more projects to be announced):

  • Malabar Resources: Maxwell Solar Farm
  • Oceanex Energy: Novocastrian Offshore Wind Farm
  • Energy Estate: Hunter Hydrogen Network (H2N)
  • BlueFloat Energy: Hunter Coast Offshore Wind Project
  • Nu-Rock: Fly Ash Plant Project
  • Hunter Hydrogen Technology Cluster
  • SEATA:  Hunter Thermal and Hydro Turbine Project
  • Sunrise Energy Metals: Sunrise Project
  • Hunter Lakes Corporation: Hunter Lakes Scheme

Thanks to our event partners and sponsors: Industry Capability Network (ICN), Resource Industry Media, and Jobs In The Hunter.

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