Connecting Industry Conference



Resource Industry Media and Job Skills Network’s strategic focus is “connecting industry” and our aim is to revolutionise your event engagement and networking experience.

The Connecting Industry Conference NSW is facilitated via live video streaming allowing you to connect, engage, network and have private face to face meetings with presenting projects and their teams, sponsors and other attendees.

Engage, Network, and Connect at the Connecting Industry Conference


Program and Speakers

A full conference program is available to all registered attendees at the Connecting Industry Conference. You can access details of conference presenters, speakers, sponsors and attendees as well as have live private face to face meetings. You can plan your schedule by bookmarking your favourite sessions. We invite your feedback on each session via the session rating and you can use the platform to record your thoughts and memorable quotes under each session.

Interactive sessions

The Connecting Industry Conference enables and encourages delegates to participate in interactive live sessions. Throughout the program, interactive sessions will invite your participation and delegates can submit questions for our facilitator to put to project presenters and breakout speakers in these interactive sessions. The facilitators will also invite delegates to submit their votes in live polling on key issues. Poll results will be instantly available for discussion.


To access the delegate lists via the Connecting Industry Conference, simply follow the prompts and request connecting to each attendee.  You can have private face to face or public meetings, or you can continue your conference discussions via the messaging function found on participating delegate profiles.


Tables are available for all attendees to network in live face to face meetings.  Simply ask any attendee if they would like to have a discussion and invite then onto a table where you can choose to have the discussion in private or public.

My Favourites & Notes

The Connecting Industry Conference offers a personalised program. Simply bookmark the program sessions that you want and then find them under My Schedule. Upload a photo and delegate details (visible only to registered delegates) via the My Favourites & Notes icon.

Live Session Recordings & Presentations

Each session is recorded live and available for all attendees.  If there is a session you missed simply go to the session and click on the recording.  Presentations from project speakers is available via the ‘Handout Bag’ for each session. Simply click and download each presentation.

Conference Partners

The Connecting Industry Conference acknowledges our generous conference sponsors.  You can enter into sponsor exhibition booths and have private face to face meetings, download capability statements, or simply select a sponsor to access their website for more details.